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Ken Keeley Studios, Inc.
Studio: +1 (912) 501-9254



April 1, 1934 - August 4, 2020
"Ken Keeley is kind of a lone wolf in the art world. He entered the world of commerce with signed cibachrome prints then moved on to the many over-size silkscreen editions and posters of Newsstands and Times Squares, 59 Street Bridge, Nathan's Famous and the Carnegie Deli, mostly rare and traded briskly on the secondary market. Many people get their impressions of New York City from a Ken Keeley rendition. Today, Keeley self-publishes his paintings in the giclee format. His works of art are held in public collections such as the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art, Malcom Forbes Public Museum, Reading Museum of Fine Art and Stoney Brook University, Long Island, New York..."
- Victor Forbes

"Keeley has mastered the intimate visual rendition of a large universal scene, in intimate detail and sustained with a certain emotion. Not quite a nostalgia, but an acknowledgement of how things were, how they are and how they be now. With a steady hand and a keen eye, painting out of the home studio he shares with his wife outside Lake Placid, Florida, Keeley is exploring new ways to convey the active stillness that connects the artist with the many thousands who own a Keeley poster, painting or print. His is a genuine work ethic, you won't find projectors or studio assistants, just one man chipping away at the big picture, one element at a time, same as he did when he started out some thirty years ago.

These days he is finding that his colors are shifting, getting deeper, bolder with richer textures. 'Just a natural transition', he says. 'There is more of a build up of paint.' He creates, literally, in the midst of a nature preserve, to the music of the many birds who visit his hideaway. He does all things well with a paint brush, meticulous, with care, with respect for the work, the tradition and the viewer. A humble man who went from a purchasing agent in the armed forces when Eisenhower was president to an artist who commands substantial amounts for his paintings and silk screens..." from Fine Art Magazine, Spring 2005

Ken Keeley Credits


Born: Brooklyn, New York

Education: School Of Industrial Arts, New York


1964-Stearns Square Art Council, Springfield, Massachusetts
1965-Chestnut Art Gallery, Springfield, Massachusetts
1967-Ken's Art Studio, Springfield, Massachusetts
1967-Springfield Museum Of Fine Arts, Springfield, Massachusetts
1970-74-Westhampton Arts Council, Westhampton, New York
1975-Great World Of Art, Commack, New York
1976-81-Soundview Art Gallery, Port Jefferson, New York
1981-Westhampton Arts Council, Westhampton, New York
1982-Chrysalis Art Gallery, Westhampton, New York
1983-Art Expo, Dallas, Texas
1983-Art Expo, New York, New York
1984-Art Expo, New York, New York
1985-Soundview Art Gallery, Port Jefferson, New York
1985-86-Art Expo, New York, New York
1987-Soundview Art Gallery, Port Jefferson, New York
1987-Art Expo, New York, New York
1988-Art Expo, Los Angeles, California
1988-Art Expo, New York, New York
1989-Soundview Art Gallery, Port Jefferson, New York
1989-Art Expo, New York, New York
1989-Allyson Louis Gallery, Bethesda, Maryland
1990-Soundview Art Gallery, Port Jefferson, New York
1991-Patricia Judith Art Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
1992-Stricoff Fine Art, Soho, New York
1992-Soundview Art Gallery, Port Jefferson, New York
1992-95-Helander Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1994-Art Miami, Miami, Florida
1995-Art Miami, Miami, Florida
1996-Russeck Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1996-Art Americas, Miami Beach, Florida
1996-Coplan Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
1996-Art Expo, New York
1997-Coplan Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
1998-Coplan Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
1999-Coplan Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
2000-Coplan Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
2000-Soundview Art Gallery, Port Jefferson, New York
2001-Coplan Gallery, Boca Raton, Florida
2002-Sundook Art Galleries, Boca Raton, Florida

Major Group Exhibitions:

1968-Springfield Museum Of Fine Arts, Springfield, Massachusetts
1986-Squibb Gallery, Princeton, New York
1988-Access Gallery, New York, New York
1995-Helander Art Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1996-Boca Raton Museum Of Art, Boca Raton, Florida
1996-Norton Museum Of Art, West Palm Beach, Florida
1997-Reading Museum Of Art, Reading, Pennsylvania


1964-Chestnut Art Gallery
1983-Art News
1983-Décor Magazine
1986-Art Expo Preview Magazine
1987-Soundview Art Gallery
1989-Sunstorm/Fine Art Magazine
1989-Cookbook Cover "The Leftover Gourmet" National Press Books
1990-Art Expo Preview Magazine
1991-Art Expo Preview Magazine-Spring
"Times Square-The Way It Was" By Ken Keeley
(Cuebee Publishing)
1991-Art Expo Preview Magazine-Fall
"Times Square-The Changing Scene" By Ken Keeley
(Cuebee Publishing)
1993-Sunstorm Fine Art
1994-Reading Museum Of Fine Art
1995-Photorealism In Print
1995-Boca Raton Museum Of Art
1995-96-Art & Auction Magazine
1995-New York City Official Guide
1995-The Florida
1996-Art Americas
1996-Norton Museum Of Art
1996-Ken Keeley's New York City Street Scenes And Newsstands
1996-Coplan Gallery Catalog
1997-Coplan Update
1998-Sundook Art Galleries, Boca Raton, Florida
2004-Art Expo Preview Magazine-Cover
2004-Dabbert Gallery
2005-Sundook Art Galleries


July, 1964-Springfield Union, Springfield, Massachusetts
"Favorite Painting"
August, 1985-Newday, Long Island, New York
Art Review "Exploring The Origins Of Creative Effort" By Malcolm Preston
September, 1995-Long Island Advance, Long Island, New York
Window Panes "Superrealist Makes The Big Apple Super"
April, 1986-Sunstorm/Fine Art Magazine
"Is It Real…Or Is It A Keeley?"
October, 1986-Art Business News
New Editions "Treat Boutique"
March, 1987-Three Village Herald, Long Island, New York
"Enjoy The View At Soundview Art Gallery"
August, 1987-Art Business News "Soundview Grows"
Spring/Summer, 1987-The Greater New York Doctor Shopper
"Leo's Famous" Cover Illustration
October, 1987-Long Island Advance, Long Island, New York
"Medford Artist Paints A Clear Picture"
November, 1987-Town Topics, Princeton, New Jersey
November, 1987-Columns - Squibb Corporation
December, 1987-Star Ledger, Newark, New Jersey
December, 1987-Time Off The Princeton Packet, Princeton, New Jersey
December, 1987-Daily Record, Morrison, New Jersey
"A Holiday Feast At Squibb Gallery"
December, 1987-Currier News Bridgwater, New Jersey
"Gallery Offers Feast For The Eyes"
December, 1987-Home News, New Brunswick, New Jersey
"Art To Make Your Stomach Growl"
October, 1988-Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, California
Scenes From Art Expo, California "Ken Keeley's Impressions Of A Filled Refrigerator"
By Con Keyes
April, 1989-Sunstorm/Fine Art Magazine
May, 1989-"Ken Keeley Takes A Photorealistic Approach"
May, 1989-The Record, Suffolk County, New York
"Making Art Out Of The Ordinary"
By Jeanne Marie Schnupp
January, 1992-Boynton Beach Times
"Is It Real?"
By Colin Clark
January, 1992-The News
"Photorealistic Exhibition Pleases Patricia Judith Audience"
March, 1992-Irish Echo, Floridaorida Art Ken Keeley Art And Entertainment
"Painting The Apple Red" By Jim Fallon
May/June, 1992-Us Art Magazine "Paperfree"
Ken Keeley's-"Times Square, The South Side"
By Camille Levre
Summer, 1992-Sunstorm/Fine Art: The Forbes Report
By Victor B. Forbes
Winter, 1993-The Greater Ny Doctor's Shopper
"Welcome To New York"
Ken Keeley He's More Than Real
"Sunstorm Fine Art"

April, 1994-Making Art News By Gary Schwan
"Palm Beach Post"
August, 1995-Art Juried Exhibit At The Boca Museum
Ken Keeley "Newsstand"
December, 1995-"Read All About It", Palm Beach Daily News
March, 1996-Art Business News Photorealism Sells Well
August, 1996-"The Florida Catholic"
Ken Keeley's Art As Interesting As His Life
March, 1998-Sunstorm Fine Art
Spring, 1999-"Ken Keeley-Painter Of Time"
Sunstorm Fine Art
Spring, 2000-"Ken Keeley Newsstands"
Forbes Fine Art
Spring, 2001-"Memories That Linger"
Forbes Fine Art
Spring, 2002-"Ken Keeley Stays The Course"
Forbes Fine Art
Spring, 2004-Art Expo New York Cover Story
Spring, 2005-Forbes Sunstorm
The Steady Hand Of Ken Keeley
2005-Gotham Magazine
2005-Yale University New Haven "On Common Ground"

Television Credits:

1991-Jackie Mason Show, Chicken Soup "100 Magazines"
1992-Herman's Head, "100 Magazines"
1992-Murder She Wrote, "New York Experienced"
1994-Grace Under Fire, "Newsstand"
1996-Seinfeld "Nathans"
1997-Mad About You "Newsstand"

Patrons (Partial List):

Mr & Mrs Blanche, Minnesota
Mr & Mrs Cage, New York
Mr & Mrs Greenberg, New York
Mr Bryant Gumbel, New York
Dr T. & Dr M. Herskovic, New Jersey
Mr Sugar Ray Leonard
Phyllis & Albee Levine, Floridaorida
Mr & Mrs Mcmillan, Minnesota
Ms Meyer, New York
Dr S Nussbaum, New York
Mr Charles Ranaudo, New York
Mr Mickey Rooney, California
Mr Steve Wolf, Boca Raton, Floridaorida

Major Corporation Collections:

Trans World Airlines
Bazaar Magazine
Forbes, Inc
National Broadcasting Co (NBC)
Columbia Broadcasting Co (CBS)
Castro Convertible
2002-Whitney Museum Of Fine Art